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NOTE: As for the performance, it’s not based on trading of securities. Instead, it is entirely on a hypothetical trading account which dabbles in securities with respect to the time and price that’s referred to. Limitations are faced as far as hypothetical performance results are concerned. Additionally, Finance risks don’t occur due to hypothetical trading and never accounts to the impact of risks in trading. For instance, examples of hypothetical trading don’t allow for loss and costs as well as concerns pertaining to the trading. An individual should be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them for making an investment. Besides, a person should never trade with money that is simply not affordable to lose. Rather, one should take such losses in their stride and must be able to sustain when thought from an emotional and Finance perspective. Recommendations are specifically for subscribers and can be amended at any point of time. Such type of work totally depends on current events, SEC filings, corporate press releases, and whatever we have learnt while playing the role of Finance journalists. It may not be error free and you shouldn’t make an investment based on what you read online. Ultimately, it’s your money and the responsibility you shoulder.

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