Privacy Policy

Finance Management Tips is committed to respect the privacy of web browsers visiting the site. By using the offerings, we understand that you abide by the terms and the use of personal data according to the policy. In case you disagree, then you should not be navigating the website. Continuous usage indicates that you have read and agreed to the terms and also accept amendments in future.

The Privacy Policy elaborates how personal information is collected on the site. Besides, it also explains how we protect data and the choices you can avail during data usage. Please go through the Privacy Policy carefully. If there are any changes whatsoever, then would be posted on a regular basis. Across the draft, ‘we’, ‘our’ and ‘us’ refers to Finance Management Tips Inc.

This privacy policy is applicable the data captured by the site’s offerings. We are not responsible for the privacy of any other data (i) Data you post on forums or which may be on chat rooms or message boards. (ii) Data which can be viewed publicly (iii) Information received from third parties known for transmitting under no obligation (iv) Data hailing from sites operated by third parties or which may be linked to Finance Management Tips.

Data Collection

Personal data is nothing but the information that identifies you or that can be used for future communications. This includes details like the e-mail address, phone number or postal address. Finance Management Tips may collect such type of information once you have created an account, or subscribed to our services. But, providing personal information is at your discretion, although if you fail to do so, then you would be restricted to use certain features associated with our offerings.

At some point of time, Finance Management Tips may also capture ‘Monitoring Data’. This refers to information that doesn’t disclose your identity. It includes device type, data usage of an app or browser information such as the IP address. We may use such kind of data to understand who has been accessing our site. This further helps to enhance the website.

The domain may also receive other data pertaining to third parties. This includes demographic data and information related to your activities as well as interests.

At any instance, we would not sell, share, or trade personal information unless and until it’s mentioned in the terms of the Privacy Policy.

From time to time, we may suppose that you have accepted the terms in case you open our emails, alters or any form of communication. This doesn’t imply that Finance Management Tips has endorsed services of third-parties. No matter what may be the kind of relationship, such material from third parties is provided for information purposes. You being the user shouldn’t evaluate or judge any type of services offered by other websites.

Use of Tracking Tools

For enhancing the online experience, we may use technologies like ‘cookies’ action tags’ or ‘web beacons’. Tracking tools are files which are stored on the computer to recognize your activities and the web browser. Once when you visit the website again, Finance Management Tips may identify with the help of the tracking tool. This helps to alter the experience in a much better way. For instance, when you have registered on the site, a cookie would be used to remember the preferences. You can always decline cookies by enabling a certain feature. If cookies are disabled, then the offerings may not be as per the user’s intentions. To know more about disabling cookies, the information is present on the ISP’s website.

Since we believe that information through tools is used for enhancing the online experience, we never sell the data or provide it to third parties. We may not follow the objective until it’s mentioned within the terms.

Use of Personal Data

The site may use any kind of information to receive feedbacks or whenever it’s relevant to advertising, product development or statistical analysis. Monitoring data may probably be used for researching and recognizing the market, promotional activities and becoming aware of the requirements.

Finance Management Tips may disclose personal data to parties if it’s actually essential (a) to comply with laws, rules or preserve legal rights. (b) to offer services, information, and products you request or consent to.

NOTE: At any point of time, you may notify us for not using personal data.

We are not responsible if information is disclosed by third-parties. The privacy policy doesn’t exist, but disclosure is according to the third party’s policy.

Our Business Activity

The website may use the information you have already shared once you have availed our services. Third-parties would not be furnished with personal information for marketing or advertising purposes.

Third party service providers may be used for specific promotional activities on our behalf. While retargeting would be prime objective, we would not offer personal information in any situation.

Online Advertising

We may work closely with ad networks and other service providers who would offer ads on our behalf. While some ads may be personalized, they are intended on the basis of information. Apart from everything else, providers would keep a track of visits and any other links you may have navigated.

Even when you opt out, advertisements would still appear on the browser. You may perceive add irrelevant to your interests. Besides, if you delete cookies then you may need to opt-out all over again.

Your Choices with Personal Data

Any time you desire, you can alter / update personal information that’s collected by the domain. You can contact us through an email and insist on removing information from the database.

You should also understand that every piece of information may not be erased from our end. We may maintain a copy of personal data that may exist in archived systems. However, post a request, personal data would be deleted or modified as soon as possible or whenever it’s practicable.


Offerings may be contained in links to other websites. Finance Management Tips doesn’t hold itself responsible for privacy practices followed by third parties. You should always go through the policies carefully when it comes to usage of third party websites.

Security Measures

Finance Management Tips takes measures to protect personal data from misuse or loss. These include firewall protection and encryption whenever it’s required. Despite the fact concerned with protection, the domain relies on statements of vendors and services under security evaluation.

Please keep in mind that when Finance Management Tips is thriving to create reliable or secure websites, the confidentially of any sort of communication or material transmission is not assured.

For any questions, do feel free to contact us.