3 Ways to Save Money for Better Future

“Save your money” is the refrain we hear over and over and over again as teenagers. We’re hearing that advice from people far more experienced than we are, so who knows why in the world we never listen, but I’m here to tell you as someone in my late twenties, I should have listened to my parents. They often really do know what’s best, because they probably made a lot of the same mistakes you’re going to without their guidance. Well, if you don’t listen to them, maybe you can take it from me, so here are a few ways you can save money for a better future.

For starters, try to limit how often you go out with friends. Obviously, this only matters if you know you’re going to be spending money. For example, your friends invite to go a movie one weekend, then come bowling with them the next. If you said yes to the movie, don’t spend money again the next week. If you really want to go bowling, too, however, you can just take two weeks off from weekend spending. If your friends hassle you about your choice, don’t take it too hard. Instead, you can try to show them the value of what you’re doing.

Another way to save up is to give yourself an allowance. This only applies if you’re working as a teenager, but it’s great advice nonetheless. Let’s say you make $400 on a paycheck. Allow yourself $100, $200 at most to spend on what you want, and put the rest in the bank. Once it’s in the bank, try not to take it back out without a good reason. If you want to make a withdrawal, ask yourself if your reason is a good one.

Lastly, if there’s something you want to buy, don’t. What I mean is instead of spending impulsively, keep your eye out for a sale. Try to save on individual purchases. A great example is buying an outfit from American Apparel. Give it a week or two, and you just might find the item you want at a reduced price. When it seems like your parents are nagging you, just remember that they love you, and you should probably listen before you react.

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