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It contains terms and conditions which you have to agree when you use the website, www.financemanagementtips.com.

By using the offerings, you hereby acknowledge that you have gone through the terms and conditions, have completely understood and agree to abide by them. As a condition, you should be more than 18 years of age and offer accurate information during any form of communication.

FULL DISCLAIMER: All information presented in offerings and via. publication or e-mail is particularly for informational purposes and shouldn’t be misunderstood under any circumstances. The data is obtained from reliable sources, but we don’t offer a guarantee. In no instance, the content should be misconstrued or referred to officers, employees, directors or any other agents. Some recommended trades may be a part of securities held by officers, editors, writers or employees. Besides, investment decisions may be inconsistent with the discussion or any sort of recommendations. Do consult your personal advisor while making an investment. This is because information is offered only to educate visitors and public. For protecting privacy, fictitious names may be used while drafting articles.

Terms and Conditions

Grant of License

The terms and conditions offer you with a non-transferable license to use the website’s offerings. In case if you fail to comply, then Finance Management Tips would terminate the license without any notice or at the earliest. At any point of time, Finance Management Tips can (a) block traffic or access to the services, directly or through third party links. (b) remove the use of a link while offerings are presented.

Except as presented, none of the terms and conditions are intended to benefit third parties and no term would be enforced by any third party.

Right to use / Alternation of offerings

The website doesn’t grant any right in any type of way. Without any limitations, the website owns a copyright with services collectively or compilation. The website may use databases or materials for purposes inconsistent with Terms and Conditions or any other type of agreements. Occasionally, you may print and download the material for non-commercial use or personal requirements. This is applicable only when you agree to the terms and conditions. Since offerings are the property of owners, these may get subjected to additional restrictions.

The logo in addition to any other icon is proprietary marks of Finance Management Tips. Company names and third party products stated anywhere online is owned by the concerned individuals.

At any point of time, the components and features of the offerings may be modified or discontinued by Finance Management Tips. This action can be performed without any notice and you have agreed that the site is not liable to you as well as any third party.

  1. Restrictions Imposed on Offerings

It is supposed that you agree to use the offerings for your benefit and comply with any other conditions. You may not be on the move to use any other information for illegal purposes or in a way that violates the agreement or the RSS policy.

  • To sell, resell / transfer / dispose to your advantage or any other individual.
  • To distribute the content related to the offerings to any company which competes with our business.
  • To modify the content / reproduce or duplicate the content which may be assumed as exploitation of the offerings. This clause is not applicable if you download and thereby print information provided that you retain the copyright and other notices with respect to the terms and conditions.
  • To use offerings that comprises of trademarks, trade names, service marks, or logos or spam material. Do also note that you may not use third party’s trademarks which create a different expression that such items belong or are associated with you.
  • To upload or send data / content that’s unlawful, insulting, abusive or deceptive. Besides, content comprising commercial or promotional information.
  • To harm users or members in any manner or otherwise harass any other entity.
  • To transmit unsolicited messages, letters, advertisements and use it for investment opportunities or be a part of pyramid schemes.
  • To interfere with the offerings and remove trademarks, copyrights or notices within the Finance Management Tips offerings.
  • To enhance content quality for the sold data or as contributed from your end.

In case if we are suspicious of any kind of action, then the team would be on the verge of carrying out investigations.

  1. Assumption of Risk

The use of the internet is solely at your own risks and is applicable to local as well as international regulations and laws. Accordingly, the website maintains the confidentially of the information shared and is not responsible for security of data transmitted over the internet.

  1. Links to Other Websites

The domain may provide links to other sites for convenience in keeping a track of information and services. These websites would haven’t been reviewed by Finance Management Tips but maintained by third parties. Accordingly, the site is not responsible for the content or service quality if it’s posted on third party sites. Once you’re directed to such sites, you would have to agree with the terms and conditions that particular party. You would no longer be abiding to the terms and conditions stated on our site. You would also be agreeing with the fact that the site is no longer liable to cover up damages, costs and expenses all due to third party claims or any breach of terms and conditions.

  1. Nature of Relationship

No joint venture, partnership, or relationship with an agency exists between you and the site just because of the terms and conditions or the utilization of our offerings.

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